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Our values

Hard to believe, but true: The old St Konrad Church in Rheine was christened TheChurch - Sports & More in 2019. The church was desecrated several years ago and finds its new function as a gym again. Since it is important to us that the premises are preserved, we remain true to history and leave the church in a sporty way in operation.


Our team

With a lot of joy and passion, our team works together with our members as friends. Our passion for the profession, our views and our character have a positive effect on our team spirit and our work. Strong communication skills and a high work ethic ensure an excellent sense of community.

What makes us special?

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Our members

We appreciate working with great members. In our studio every nationality, ethnic origin, gender, religion or even world view and age is welcome. Respect and consideration for other members is one of the requirements of our studio.

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Our motivation

Our members are our passion and a positive drive for every new day. Our motivation leads us to understand challenge as an opportunity and to achieve new goals.

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Our project

Why count on us? Every person in our team is unique, and we all share the same values. We are profit-oriented only in our basic principles: trust, quality and transparency. One of our priorities is that each member feels comfortable and achieves his or her goals, sports-oriented and individually. That’s why our focus is on both technology and fun. We take away your insecurities and work together on an effective and healthy training.


You want a completely new training experience and supplement your workout with courses? We offer you a varied course program consisting of TRX sling training, functional wall rig workout, zumba, fascia training, pilates & prevention courses and much more. Each course is free of charge for you and suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The course plan for your studio can be found as usual on our homepage and directly in the studio at our counter. Let us add you to our course group on WhatsApp and get all the important information about your favorite courses!








9:00 Uhr

11:00 Uhr Lauftraining

12:00 Uhr Functional Workout

17:30 Uhr Faszien Kurs

18:00 Uhr Functional / TRX

18:00 Uhr Functional Workout

18:15 Uhr

18:15 Uhr

18:15 Uhr
Body Flex

19:00 Uhr Zumba Fitness

19:00 Uhr Zumba Fitness

19:00 Uhr
Step Aerobic

19:00 Uhr Faszien Kurs

20:00 Uhr
TRX Schlingen-training

20:00 Uhr
TRX Schlingen-training

fitness equipment




Experience the best feel-good ambiance in our studio and make your stay here as pleasant as possible with the help of our waterbed with massage function and also discover our high-quality sunbed.



It doesn't matter whether it's weight loss, muscle building, improving your condition, combating/avoiding back pain, rebuilding training after (sports) injuries or strengthening the trunk. With TRX Suspension Training, these goals can be achieved quickly and effectively fitness beginners and recreational athletes, as well as for professional athletes.